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Construction Quality

How To Check Construction Quality Of The Building

A home buyer needs to make sure that one is investing in any under-construction area by making sure of the quality of the building. When investing in property, you need to make sure that you check the quality. This is crucial as the soil can differ from place to type of soil to others. A soil test will determine the progress of your construction. Here are some tips which will allow you to check the construction quality of the buildings.

The structure design

The structure design is quite difficult to understand, but there are many experts who can help you understand the design. This is important as it allows you to assess the property and understand the strength and its resistance when an earthquake strikes.

The structure design

Check the concrete mixture

The strength of the concrete is determined by a load of the structure, which can be bear and carried—this is something which is monitored by the developers to maintain the quality and strengths. But most of the times it gets difficult to get the right mix everything, but you can also opt for other ready mix concrete as an alternative.

Inspect the wall thickness

In any general arrangements, the developers mention the width of the walls, which allows one to take the right construction tour to help check the quality of the site. This is key as it will allow you to determine the quality of the overall wall. Most of the times developers use low-quality materials which can make the walls of the house hollow. Bang on the wall and listen to the sound that it makes or try to poke in a key and see if the products are falling to determine the quality.

Ensure safety measures

Check the safety of measure taken when developing the building. Note if the building is earthquake resistant or emergency exists. Check the size of the space and the structure of the stairway, which needs to be wide enough to accommodate two people at the time.

The structure design

Look for paint and plastering

The plastering on the outer walls and the uneven cracks on the walls mean that the foundation and the quality of the building is not good. As well as being strong, it has to have a visual appeal which can help boost the quality of wooden spaces.

The elevators

There are many cases where the elevators have fallen in the buildings either due to poor maintenance or improper installations. Try to check for the licence and make sure the elevators is working by the developers. Check for the elevator ration where one elevator is enough for a single tower. The capacity of the elevators also needs to be checked to understand its accommodation in a single trip.