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Top Alternative Housing Ideas

With the rise of housing prices and green construction gaining popularity. People are trying to bring in innovative ways which include the use of cob, straw, bamboo, wood pallets, etc. There are some materials which are unusual which but eco-friendly which can allow one to ensure that the material put in are of quality. In this article, we are going to be learning a few alternative house ideas.

Earth houses

Earth houses can be built with the use of the earth, which is one of the best examples of sustainable construction. They are some of the lasting building which can help includes cob, rammed earth and earthbag buildings. They are made with a mix of clay, earthbags which play a modern twist on the earth as a building material. A few examples of earth house includes the cob house, earthbags, rammed earth, etc.



Wood is one of the most versatile and common building material which will allow you to be sustainable. There are many over-harvesting and deforestation which can exceed the ability of the forest to regenerate themselves. Investing in wood can allow you to have sustainability without the use of building methods. A few examples of wood houses include cordwood, log house, timber frame, tree house homes, etc.

Straw houses

Straw houses have all kinds of benefits as it is inexpensive and can provide for the excellent insulation. The quality of a straw building can allow one to have the right green building method. Straw bales are very important and a byproduct of grain farming which is one of the great ways to reuse things which would naturally go to waste.

Bamboo houses

Bamboo houses

Bamboo houses are even more eco-friendlier alternative than timber. Bamboo is a very strong material which is well constructed, can even withstand a hurricane or an earthquake. Bamboo houses make up for a very beautiful structure with good insulation.

Stone houses

Stone houses are sustainable and are built with rocks, have a natural beauty one cannot deny. They are built with local natural materials which is very comfortable. It has a very passive house design where one can store heat within the walls. There are many stone homes which seems like a good idea from the dark ages, which has a bright, sustainable space.

Tiny houses

Tiny houses are all over the internet due to it being eco-friendly as well as beautiful. These tiny houses can be built with the use of free buildings which can be used for recycled supplies.  Compact houses are so small that they do not require sophisticated heating and cooling solutions. It is ready to be moved to different locations, and the design can help reduce carbon footprint.